Become a VSI member
Volda Student sport organisation (VSI) is one of Norway’s cheapest student sport organisations! Our location is Idrettsbygget, right next to the Kaarstad building. The member fee is 300 NOK for a semester or 600 NOK for a full year. As a member you will be given access to all VSI-activities, the swimming pool and the VSI gym.
To become a member, be kind and fill out this form and follow the given instructions.


May I pay my membership with cash?

When am I given access to Idrettsbygget? 

When is Idrettsbygget open?

Yes. Just get a hold of one of the board members. They will collect your payment and the information needed to give you access to the system. 
Idrettsbygget is open from  7 AM to  10 PM
As soon as your student number is in the system. Most of out members has access the day after their  payment is received. If you can't access the building within two days, please contact someone in the board. 

Can I use the gymnasium and the swimming pool outside the regular times for VSI activities? 

Do you have to pay to try the different activities?

Do I have access to Idrettsbygget during holidays ?

As long as the gymnasoium and the swimming pool aren't used by someone else you are free to spend time there. But, if the building is rented out to someone else VSI is not supposed to use the area.  The VSI strength gym is open all days from 7 AM to 10 PM 

The following time schedules are set up by Volda University College and the Student society for Sunnmøre. 

Schedule day - swimming pool
Schedule day - gymnasium
Schedule night
You are welcome to come to a practice or two just to see if our activities are something you want to be a part of. After that you will have to pay the membership fee to have access to the activities.  

Idrettsbygget is not open during Christmas and Easter. The building is also closed during the summer vacation.